Wee Hoop offers classes to children from 18 months of age to 5 years. There are 4 different classes. Each class runs on a weekly basis and is 45 minutes in length.

Dribblers (18-24 years)
This parent-child class focuses on gross motor skills like throwing and making baskets on a 2.5 foot hoop. It involves lots of repetition so that children can experience the sheer joy of mastering a skill. Parents are encouraged to participate with their child in activities such as catching bubbles, parachute games, and singing. The child to coach ratio is 15:1.

Hoopsters (2-3 years)
This parent interactive class further develops gross motor skills and coordination pertinent to the game of basketball. Parental involvement is encouraged, but expected to lessen over time as children increase their confidence level through repetition. Activities include a variety of organized games that help children to develop listening skills and learn to follow directions. The child to coach ratio is 15:1.

Jump Shooters (3-4 years)
This class helps children to develop various physical feats such as balancing on one foot and hopping. It also focuses on fundamental basketball skills based upon the increase in coordination that is seen with this age group. During class parents are encouraged to take on a supportive role with lots of hi-fives and praise from the sideline. The child to coach ratio is 10:1.

Hot Shots (4-5 years)
This class places more of an emphasis on developing basketball skills and learning basic rules of the game. Over time, the children will be able to use their skills and knowledge in controlled, instructional scrimmages. The activities in this class will encourage teamwork and new friendships. The child to coach ratio is 10:1.


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